Become a Safe Space 1st Community

Diversity, inclusion & Safety Training: education builds inclusion

Education is important for building an inclusive, safe community. It breaks down barriers by enhancing our understanding of the neighbours living beside us: their unique cultures, races, and ways of living which form a rich tapestry for our life.

ComeUnity Champions Program: encouraging safety and inclusion

Our educational activities include celebrating those who are promoting positive, Comeunity behaviour. Their high standards, in their drive to make their community a safely diverse, inclusive place, will be celebrated with yearly, nomination-based recognition awards. This program is designed to foster leadership through the recognition of people who are making a difference. Another aspect of Comeunity Champions is building awareness and community capacity through community events.

You can nominate someone deserving of this recognition, or become a ComeUnity Champion yourself. Let’s create safe, culturally friendly, inclusive community for everyone, together.

For more information, contact us: 647-725-7575.

Safe Space 1st: everyone deserves to feel safe where they live. There is no easy way to live in a community that feels unsafe.

Our Safe Space 1st Program features strong advocation for community safety. Active local participation encourages community members to spread the message and become part of the solution. Safe Space 1st signage throughout a community confirms to everyone that safety is valued here.

This ground-breaking program seeks the involvement of businesses, individuals and organizations, all working together to actively protect the safety of residents.

It is a structured program which fosters vibrant, interdependent communities where everyone feels included, respected, valued, and most importantly – safe. 

It includes signage in businesses and other locales which demonstrate their commitment to helping community members feel safe in the places that they live, work and visit. 

The Safe Space 1st program creates change agents that help address safety issues toward fostering inclusive and diverse communities where every member feels important, valued and safe.