Become a Safe Space 1st Community

Becoming A Safe Space 1st community

A core part of the Safe Space movement is becoming a Safe Space 1st Community.  Becoming a Safe Space 1st community is more than just a designation or a label, it is about spreading a collective widespread message of community safety and inclusion- stating that everyone deserves a safe space 1st. Becoming a Safe Space 1st Community means that all stakeholders work together to promote, support, and educate about safety, diversity and inclusion.

Creating Coverage through geographical territories

Peppering Communities with visible signs of intention and displaying a vision of hope. 

The success of our movement relies heavily on the involvement of businesses, individuals and organisations all working together. Residents, businesses, and stakeholders within communities can print safe space 1st signage and display it throughout their neighbourhoods to encourage community safety where they live, work and play. 

By businesses and residents agreeing to display safe space 1st signage in business windows,  on roadways etc, they are expressing their pledge or commitment to keeping communities safe in every way. 

Becoming a Safe Space 1st Registered Location 

Businesses and residents can also agree to become dedicated Safe Space 1st registered locations and be available to those in need of a safe space.