How Does It Work

Become Safe Space Certified
Join the Safe Space 1st Community

A futureproofed business is prepared to operate under any conditions. The Safe Space 1st Program is designed to protect consumers, employees and businesses with clear guidelines to keep space safely protected. 

This is a community involved program, and members of the public are encouraged to actively participate. By working together, we can create a program that protects everyone – and our economic future. 

Here’s how it works

Businesses will complete a pledge acknowledging their commitment to managing their space and keeping it safe with the best safety practices. 

Once you submit this pledge, we will work with your company to complete the registration process. Upon registration completion, an email will be sent outlining the initial access fee and other details. Registered participants will receive a window sign and have access to your individualised Safe Space 1st’ Resource and Education Portal, providing tools and resources to implement the kind of safety plan that your customers and employees can trust. 

Two ways to participate

Participation starts with an assessment of your current safety practices. The Learning Management System will help you identify any gaps in your policies. You will indicate how you intend to address these. Your business will have 12 months to finish this initial evaluation, and there are two options: 

Option 1: Confirmed

Your company can undergo a self-audit process. You will document your safety plan and must send proof that the Safe Space 1st Program and best safety practices are being continuously improved.

This will involve sending in photographs and completing a plan to achieve the Safe Space 1st standards. The goal is a gradual improvement in your workplace standards. There is no 3rd party review of the process or the improvements being implemented. Details are provided via your individualised Resource and Education Portal.

Option 2: Verified

Your business can have your safety plan developed and verified by a third party (Health and Safety Professional). The goal of this 2nd option is achieving a higher standard of safety, one that will assure customers and employees that the best safety practices are being followed to keep them safe. 

Signs of your commitment

With either option, your business will be provided with appropriate signage to publicly confirm you are operating a Safe Space 1st business, and marketing materials to educate your customers and staff.

This sign is posted in every participating business. It immediately tells both employees and consumers that safe guidelines are being followed.