About Us

Influenced by the 2020 restrictions arising from the Covid 19 pandemic, the non-profit organisation ABLE United–All Business Leads Economy–created the Safe Space 1st Program to provide businesses with a framework and tool kit for addressing all safety related challenges across every industry.

by ABLE United

Core Pillars of Safe Space 1st

Safety: Safe Space 1st provides all businesses with the resources and tools needed to manage space and achieve the highest quality of safety. Safety is always our top priority. Safe Space 1st is about all things safety.

Future Proofing: The tools and resources in the Safe Space 1st Program help protect businesses across all industries. A safer, future-proofed commercial environment can proactively respond when a health risk is identified, creating a uniform workplace that remains safely open for business. 

Customer and employee Confidence: The Safe Space 1st program is designed to increase employee and consumer confidence.

  • Why is this important?

    Peace of mind for customers and employees. A safer commercial environment provides everyone with a more comfortable and secure space for their experience.