Every goal starts with an idea about something that people want to see present in their worlds. The Non- Profit Comeunity began with the idea of bringing unity within communities because we felt this was missing. We wanted to bring people together despite overwhelming challenges that affect every community and develop solutions that would help. 

Comeunity now aims to bring people together by helping communities re-establish safety in their communities while promoting safety, diversity, and inclusion. Communities are places where people should never feel unsafe or excluded.

The foundation of every community is based upon safety, diversity and inclusion, and no community can be strong or vibrant without those things. We all need to focus on the changing needs of our communities and neighbourhoods. The amount of people who feel unsafe or have safe space concerns in their communities is rapidly increasing, but the one thing that hasn’t changed is that everyone deserves a safe space 1st.

Join the conversation! Help us help communities re-establish their communities and become a part of our upcoming efforts. Together is how we Thrive- become a leader in your communities today. 

Contact us — 1-855-669-9527

Core Pillars of ComeUnity

To steer this important work, ComeUnity is guided by the following core pillars.

  1. Safe Spaces and Inclusion:  This falls in line with safety. Working together as a community to create and strategize on real solutions to ensure everyone feels and has a safe space and feels included. 
  2. Diversity & Inclusion: Part of our strategy is to implement workshops and action plans throughout different organisations to educate others on Safety, Diversity and Inclusion
  3. Awareness: Seeing is believing, coming together to spread the message Safe Space 1st