Balancing covid-containment and Business continuity


Introducing Safe Space 1st

A united Approach to Community Safety and the Future Post Pandemic

Businesses are struggling to remain open and are desperate for a way to assure consumers that they can safely come into their premises. Without innovation, adaptability and community, businesses are vulnerable to the devastating impact of another pandemic. Continued business closures, “sorry we’re closed” signs and feelings of uncertainty must not be our commercial future. Businesses need a way to remain viable and operational rather than being shut down, regardless of public health threats or other health related emergencies.

Influenced by the pandemic, the non-profit organisation ABLE United – All Business Leads Economy – created the Safe Space Program. The goal is providing  businesses with a framework and tools for navigating through future public health threats and other health emergencies by keeping commercial space, employers and employees safe. 

This program also prioritises restoring consumer confidence to rebuild our economy and ensure businesses continue to be viable.